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Sovetskoje Rozovoje Rose

投稿数 1
評価平均 81.0
Poland ポーランド
タイプ ロゼ

評価 81.0
ヴィンテージ 2012 年
購入価格 -

Sovetskoje Rose Sparkling wine is very nostalgic in East-Europe and Russia. I know this brand from my childhood. Wine color is nice pink, aroma is sweet and very appropriate to Sovetskoje sparkling wine. Testing wine you quickly notice sweet and acid taste and again appropriate taste to Sovetskoje. I would say it's far from balanced but wine is very very cheap, probably cheapest in market (retail price 3-4eur) and still it is very easy to drink and that's why people will drink it. At least once a year, like me :)