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Rainer Saar

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Quinta da Bela Vista Carcavelos '63

ポルトガル Red 15,000円〜30,000円

"Quinta da Bela Vista Carcavelos" is over 50 years old fortified wine from Portugal. Very in..... もっと見る


Sovetskoje Rozovoje Rose '12

ポーランド Rose

Sovetskoje Rose Sparkling wine is very nostalgic in East-Europe and Russia. I know this brand from ..... もっと見る


Baron de Rothberg Cabernet Sauvignon '11

フランス Red Cabernet Sauvignon

Baron de Rothberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (French). I usually think very carefully when choosing Fre..... もっと見る


Negeretti Barolo '06

イタリア Red Red Blend

Hello, this is my first post, my name is Rainer Saar from Estonia. My company represents wineries in..... もっと見る