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Notice from WinePokke 【Add Feature】

Add a share buttons 2012/10/21

You can share the wine you like with Facebook, twitter and google+1.

【Add Feature】

Add a mail notification 2012/10/16

You can get notice when other user drink the same wine that you have drunk. If you stop the notification, please turn it off in your account setting page.

【New Feature】

Edit wine master function is enhanced 2012/10/14

Only winename could be modified by "EDIT WINE MASTER" function. Today we enhaunced the function and not only wine name but also producer, region, subregion, appellation and product type can be modified.

【Bug Fix】

Produce type selection at registering new record to the winemaster 2012/10/12

Product type selection at registering winemaster do not have enough selections. As this bug fix, you can select product type from sufficient choices, in short, finally we can select "Rose"...

【Feature changed】

"UNREGISTERED POST" displayed in "TELL" tab at most 10 days 2012/10/08

Currently, "UNREGSITERED WINE" is displayed on the "TELL" tab with no time limit. This feature changing make limit period to the posts on the "TELL" tab. The posts will be displayed at most 10 days. When 10 days will have passed, the posts disappear from "TELL" tab. If you would like to make the post to be displayed on "TELL" tab again, please edit the post. It will be displayed 10 days from edited date. When you edit the post, it is nice to try to add information that helps search wine like as country, product type(red, white or rose).

【New Feature】

WinePokke Forum starts on our Facebook page 2012/10/07

We started the "FORUM" on our facebook page. Let's discuss WinePokke and wines with wine lovers.


The comment can be entered at most 1000 characters 2012/10/07

We spread the limitation of the comment. From 280 characters to 1000 characters.


"HELP page" is released 2012/10/07

You can check the usage of WinePokke with this help. Check the Help

【New Feature】

WinePokke in English starts 2012/10/05

WinePokke is the wine spciallized collection service from Japan. Today we start service in English. We hope wine lovers around the world use WinePokke.